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Since 2010 the new Aebi & Co. AG machine factory is located in the new and modern premises at Buchmattstrasse in Burgdorf. About 230 employees belonging in administration and production are working at this site. Furthermore, a part of the location is used by the sales organization of Switzerland with around 55 employees.

Contact Person Human Resources

Aebi & Co. AG Maschinenfabrik
Mr. Olivier Bürki

Buchmattstrasse 56
CH-3401 Burgdorf

Tel. +41 34 421 62 44

Benefits / Fringe Benefits Aebi & Co. AG Maschinenfabrik, Burgdorf

As an Aebi employee, you benefit from these advantages:

Flexible working hours
Aebi has a modern flexitime system with weekly working hours. Block times are 08:00 - 11:30 and 14:00 - 16:00. Outside these times, working hours after work can be made flexible. In the morning, a break of 15 minutes is granted between 08:45 and 09:15.

Protection by collective employment contract
Aebi is subordinate to the GAV of the machine industry sector SWISSMEM. For you as an employee this has the following advantages:

  • After the completed 20th age 25 days holiday
  • After the completed 40th year 27 days holiday
  • After the completed 50th year 30 days holiday
  • Committed 40-hour week (standard according to Swiss Labor Law: 45-hour week)

Local holiday
In addition to the 6 public holidays in the canton of Berne, the local holiday "Solennität" will be celebrated on the last Monday in June in Burgdorf. As a longtime traditional Burgdorf's company Aebi remains closed on this day, the day is considered a holiday.

Bridge Days in Holiday Season
We work 12 minutes more per day (08:12 instead of 08:00 hours), this time is spent on a special pre-paid account. This results in 220 working days 44 hours. So we make the "bridge" between Christmas and New Year and close the operation for 6 days. The exact pickup days are set in the first quarter for the whole year.

Arrival / parking
The SBB Burgdorf train station can be reached within a 15-minute walk (1.2 km distance), the Burgdorf Buchmatt train station is a 3-minute walk away. Plenty of free parking available on our company car park.

Occupational benefits / pension fund
Aebi has 2 own pension fund plans: one for the compulsory BVG part (income up to CHF 85'320 .--) and a provident fund for the non-mandatory part. In the compulsory part, the company takes over 7/11 of the retirement contributions, the employee only contributes 4/11.

Social Benefits
You are insured by the company. After 90 days of admission, you will receive 80 % of your last salary during 730 days in case of illness. The contributions are not deducted from the employee's salary, the company bears the costs completely.

The percentage of non-occupational accident insurance at Aebi is a favorable 1.28% of the AHV-liable wage. The non-occupational accident insurance premiums are paid by the employee, the primes for occupational accidents by Aebi.

Modern, bright workplaces
We moved into our new, modern building at Buchmattstrasse 56 in Burgdorf at the beginning of 2010. All workstations are ergonomically designed and bright. All office workstations are equipped with electrically height-adjustable desks. In seconds you turn your desk into a lectern.
Uniform overclothes are handed over to production employees free of charge. We offer a discount when buying safety shoes.

Aebi would like to thank its loyal employees for the good assignments with regular events such as Family Day, Aebi Practice Day and not least the traditional Christmas / New Year celebration. Aebi also supports events of a national character such as the Eidg. Schwing- und Älplerfest or Ski World Cup races. Whenever possible, Aebi offers its employees discounted tickets / tickets for these events.

In addition, each employee receives an annual amount of CHF 30 .-- to carry out a departmental team event. The organization is up to the departments.

Aebi does not have a canteen. But there is a spacious lounge with fridge and 3 microwaves for free use. In addition to vending machines, employees can use several water dispensers free of charge.
At the reception desk, catering coupons can be obtained. With that coupons 4 restaurants in the proximity will offer you a reduction of about CHF 5 on the daily menu.

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